Moments and its blood cells…


“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you.” Isaiah 43 : 2


Life and moments

Scripts, the good lines and the ugly scenes

The parts you’d never understand but you have to act out, because


The parts where you’d have to let go

Actors that will walk out

Hard times when all you’d have to hold close tight are your knees


It gets so hard, Lord

Sometimes I don’t have a clue of what you’re doing

Why? Why do I have to go through so much?


But I have to trust you

You alone know, you alone know how everything turns out in the end

I have to hold unto you, you are the writer of my story


I have to stop trying to help you settle me

I have to hold your hand and pray and walk with you

Even when tears come, I have to let you do your thing


So through times that are excruciatingly hard, through nights that are long

In those moments at 3:00pm that there’s a pause, a break from the laughter with friends

I will sing your praise

I will only sing your praise


And I will learn to be grateful for the wonderful moments I’m privileged to have.

And I will cherish as gold, the memories I make.


And oh, I will trust

You’ve got me, you’ve got me

Take my fainted heart

Take these tainted hands

Wash me in your love

I want to get lost in it

I want to be blinded by it

Through those days when my chest hurts and it gets hard to breathe

I will hold unto you

Take these ocean tears

Hold me through the trials

You will come through

You will come through


Even when it hurts like hell

Even when it makes no sense to sing

I’ll only sing your praise

I will sing through the miracle comes

My miracle.


“God is responsible and he will take care of me”

-Vanessa Akuboh

“If things don’t look this hopeless, people will not be able to say it is God working behind the scenes for you when he pulls your miracle through.”

-Bukie Mordi

God is taking his time, he is cooking my story up, soup wey sweet pass dey take time to done.

Song recommendation

“Even when it hurts” HILLSONG

Love, Cyra


Of Nomads and of Kings who stay…


“I belong to my lover, and his desire is for me.” – Songs of Solomon 7:10

Unwavering desire, desire that stays even after it has conquered, conquered my lands and my plains. Desire that I don’t have to work for, there’s no need for daily conquests or for those magazine headlines on tips to leave him “wanting for more”. Nope. He has conquered, he has won, now, I belong to him and yet still his desire is for me.


The word is, “conquer”

Yes, you can be conquered.

Don’t let them tell you it has nothing to do with, “this”

They come to conquer, you are worth being fought for, your soul is priceless don’t you get it?

Wars are waged over you, so yes they come to conquer, the harder you make it for them, the more interested they are, which is major bullshit, cos you don’t have to work for it if their heart is really there.

But how do you put up resistance for so long? How do you put up a task every day when this is not a game?


When you are water and not rock.

Here’s, a tip. Be yourself, be true to who you are. Whoever conquers and stays would chose to do so because you are worth it. There’s no rule on making them struggle each day, there’s no such thing as fake resistance.

(If you front now, they will say you’re fronting. Smh)

Listen to me,

Some conquerors are simply Kings, they will stay and tend to the land they now own, some may not be the Kings meant to rule your lands, and that’s okay. And, there are others, the nomads, they will roam and conquer but never remain still to rule, they will go round the earth only to discover that water tastes the same everywhere, they don’t know the secret, they don’t know the beauty that’s in committing and watching things bloom from nurturing, Nomads, those ones, those ones are never Kings.

Love, Cyra

She is stunning


Gaze upon her all who are capable
From across the room she smiles graciously
Her elegance captivating everyone
Smile; Oh pretty one
Smile; for the world is yours
Smile; for you are glorious
Smile; for the glories of a thousand suns, rest at your feet

Watch her dance
She fills the room with her aura
The audience is caught in her beauty
Every step is pristine
Every wave, golden
She walks on clouds, and the stars are her jewel
She is amazing and, and the world can comprehend her not

Dance you princess. Dance!
For today is your day of glory, and it shines brighter as time goes by
Your glory fills every moment with your magnificence
The hearts of all are amazed by you
May your joy last for all eternity
May your joy sooth the hearts of the broken
May your heart, lead many to light
May your…

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Day 16: What Matters Most

Oreofe Talks

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.11.11 AM.png Credit:

No matter what I say, what I believe, what I do, I am bankrupt without love. -I Corinthians 13:3b

Life is all about love – revolves around love. God is love, and He wants the most important lesson we learn on earth to be how to love… the greatest commandment tells us to love others as we love ourselves. Loving unselfishly is not an easy task to learn, but stay encouraged as we have a lifetime to learn it.
In John 13:35, God tells us: Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” God is so adamant that we express love totally because He wants our display of love to be the witness to others.
We have enough practice on learning how to love by loving our family. Sometimes, I don’t want to do as much as look at my siblings…

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I scraped it off…


I scraped off a part of my heart

Felt no pain, so I thought why not scrape off another layer.

I’d expected to see ice soon as I’d done off with the second layer, still no ice.

I tore parts of it, quickly and aggressively this time

Pieces of flesh, splashes of warm red blood everywhere

And still, no ice.


I thought it was all gone.

The softness that’s in my heart

I thought I’d replaced it…

“There’s an ice box where my heart used to be…” Omarion’s voice

But there was none in here.

Scared, scared that I might still have this porcelain heart even after all the surgeries it had gone through.

One hurt and disappointment after another.

Rejection after rejection,

I really thought there would be ice in it.

So yeah, I opened it up once more, in search of ice, ice that I’d always hoped would be there.

At least, for my own good.

For my own protection.

Cold and hard and no feeling, no room for pinches and punches, jabs and stabs.

I opened it up, to love another, to prove to myself that just maybe I was still human.

I was still capable of love.

Another hurt

Another disappointment.

Rejection all over again.

Now, I’m here, scared that I might have finally reached that bus stop.

Incapable of love.

Tired of baring my soul out.

To a new person, all over again,

A new heart, a new story

Just tired

Getting comfortable in the nakedness of souls and hearts, only to do it all over again with a new soul. It’s tiring, It’s no gamble anymore.

Tired, tired of loving.

Tired of having a heart so big.

A heart so soft.

A heart so genuine.

Eleven stitches and some

Glue and honey for the bitter sweet pain that came from the stitching and all

Time would heal it once more.

And I know I’d be one to love again, I never learn.

I have no say when it comes to my heart and it’s decisions.

And maybe this time would be the last time, I’d have to bare it open, this time it won’t be in vain.

Maybe, I’ll be worth it, worth it to someone.

So honey, I’m ready to love your beautiful soul.

You make me happy baby, come here, let me love you.

Love, Cyra.

I said you’re beautiful!


“You are not a mistake. You are too many exquisite details to be a mistake.” – Nayyirah Waheed

One, two, three

I counted words in my head

Painted pictures in my mind

I looked at her, she had dark clouds in her eyes

It was about to rain down on her

She bit her lower lip

I looked at the tattoo on her neck

Leopard print, leopard skin marks

I opened up my mouth to speak,




“Girl, don’t cry, let down this heavy burden you keep carrying on your shoulder.”

“Girl, how many times do I have to tell you that you’re beautiful?”

“Why do you keep fighting it? You can’t run away from who you are. Your denial of this beauty that so earnestly grips you wouldn’t alter the fact that, see… girl, you are beautiful.”

“What has been done to you? What has made you so ignorant to the fact that you command nations, you halt wars with your presence alone?”

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes and shook her head.

It hurt that I could see me in her

Some days I know I’m beautiful, other days; it was hard to believe that I was so.

And there was never any reasonable explanation to why I denied it

“Girl, you are perfect, you don’t believe me right now, but listen, girl you are perfect.”

“Take it all in, here’s a mirror, look into your eyes, look into your soul. Believe it, girl. Walk like you know it girl. Girl? I said you are beautiful.”

“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139 vs 13

Love, Cyra.

I crossed my legs and listened…

I closed my eyes for a minute

And I was in another world

A world where insanity was pure

A place I could hope and not be disappointed

I walked on water here

I was in the presence of my Saviour, I could trust again.

I was strong, I believed

And everything was alright

I was in the one place where I could be naked

I was in the one place where my tears were seeds for something greater.

So I crossed my legs and listened

Listened to the promises, the words

The spirit had said to me over and over again

“Relax, I will settle you. Trust me I will give you the best.”

And so once more I took the first step on the water

I didn’t sink, I drank in the colours that danced in the wind

I painted with the sunlight

I floated in the purple and green sky

But I listened

I listened to the words of affirmation you brought to me through the lips of my mother

“Nma, the best is coming for you, just never let go of God’s hands. I know, I know that your story will be beautiful.”

I smiled, she had just told me how she married my father, and I will never get tired of hearing it.

Your story will be more beautiful…

I know it will…

Love, Cyra.

Why you? Mr. Potter


And the pot asked the potter
Why you?
What is your purpose here?
To whom do your swear your allegiance?
For what cause do you exist?
And unto what end do you advance?
Why you?
Why you? Mr. Potter? Why you?

For I know I am just a pot
Fragile, and prone to damage
Brittle, and set according to your instructions
My biddings are of your will
And my existence, of your tolerance
My use is at your discretion
I know, or think I know, why I am here
But why you, Mr. potter?

I am certain of my finite comprehension
For I am just a pot
My capacity is limited by your design
My temperance is set by your intentions
My use is at your bidding
And it is by your protection that I still remain
I am after all, a creation by your desire
I am a created…

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Day 12: Developing Your Friendship With God

Oreofe Talks

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He offers His friendship to the godly –Proverbs 3:32

We are as close to God as we choose to be. I am blessed with great friendships, most of which happened simply because I’m awesome, lol… but the depth of the friendship takes communication, sacrifice of time, affection, and caring. It works the same way with God.

I must choose to be honest with God: God does not expect perfection from us. If He did, we will never attain friendship with Him, but He does expect total honesty. We can complain to God, we SHOULD complain to Him. The Message translation of the Bible puts the exchange between God and Moses in Exodus 33: 12-19 in an easy to read form:
“Moses said to God, “Look, you tell me, ‘Lead this people,’ but you don’t let me know whom you’re going to send with me. You tell me, ‘I know…

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The act of love


Let us display, in this dashing fantasy, love
Show me what perfect love looks like
Let’s act like utopia was real for a moment
Do this before taking bow
Show the world what a great actor you are
A grandiose display of imagination and creativity
Come, Let us partake in this fantasy world
Be it for a flicker of a moment

Step right up, and show me how love would be
Let your imagination of love, flourish as you take the stage
Gift the crowd with a smile, and a majestic wave
For this earth is your stage; and its inhabitants, your audience
Help the lady across the road, and let her feel a part of the play
Share a meal with him, or give him a flower; for he must be in this performance
Spill that love across the stage, for you are the best of actors
This is going to…

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